The Gasserhof in Mölten (South Tyrol)
The Gasserhof has been a dairy farm since 1983. At the moment, we have 22 milk cows and 15 calves, amongst which Bruna, Friesian and Simmental. Our small animals in the petting zoo are delighted to be made a fuss over, and are a great source of joy for our younger guests. Our farm dog Laika is a good soul, and keeps an eye on everything.
The Gasserhof covers 11 hectares of woodland and over 8.5 hectares of fields.
The farm chronicles
Old drawing of the Gasserhof
The Gasserhof was first referenced in documents in 1450.
My grandparents bought our ancestral farm from Josef Furggler for the price of 3 million lire in 1952, and farmed it together with their 11 children.
In April 1983, the Gasserhof hay barn burnt to the ground. In 1987, my father, the youngest child of the family, took over his parents’ farm and, in 1998, built a new barn.
Location of the Gasserhof
Our farm is located on the beautiful Tschöggelberg Mountain at an altitude of 1,080 m a.s.l., amidst a sea of blossoming meadows. Below the main building, there are two new chalets where you can spend a wonderfully peaceful and relaxing holiday far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Look out and see how our farm produce grows and ripens... From our new chalets, you also have a breathtaking view of the Laugen and the surrounding area.
We’d like to introduce our family
Offers for children
Hi kids,
Welcome to our farm! We hope that you are happy here. There are so many things to do and games to play here:
Do you fancy a go on the swings, the slide or the rocking horse? There’s also a playhouse and a sandpit for you to play in. At our farm, you can have great adventures in the countryside.
Our goats, rabbits and cats are very sweet and love children. We often have little calves, and you can come and help to feed them.

Photo Gallery

The "Red Rooster"
Experiencing life on a farm, enjoying a farmhouse holiday, mouthwatering home cooking in a welcoming Stube dining room, authentic quality products from the farm and exquisite farm handcrafts – “Red Rooster” is the emblem of quality for the best and most beautiful offers for farmhouse holidays in South Tyrol.

QUALITY and TRANSPARENCY are our number one priority: 
  • The transparency of the accommodation facilities is guaranteed by the number of flowers
  • The “Buschenschank" (traditional farmhouse hostelries) and “Hofschank” (farms selling their own produce) listed in the “Bäuerlichen Feinschmecker” (Gourmet Farms) catalogue have all been inspected and are required to meet certain standards in the image, facilities and services offered by the farm
  • Only quality farm produce which has undergone sensory analysis by a specialist commission can bear the Red Rooster logo
  • The term “Farm Handcrafts” implies that the raw materials before works (wood, wool), handmade by farmers, must be produced in entirety on a farm in South Tyrol
If you would like to learn more about the farming traditions in South Tyrol, you can find out everything about the Red Roster brand on the official website
Südtirol umbrella brand
In 2003, South Tyrol conceived the umbrella brand “Südtirol”, giving tourism, products and services in the area the chance to create a strong common identity and image. Individual brands came together under the umbrella brand without losing their own individual identity. The project does not create uniformity, but rather a reciprocal image transfer through a logo and a shared message.