Herbal excursion
Already in ancient times wild plants exercised a magical attraction on us humans. Later there came a time when they were cried as a troublesome "weed". Today, we are again thinking about dandelion, nettle, melde, ashweed, and many others. We see in them a valuable enrichment for our menu, because there are hardly any plants of comparable vitality. We get to know wild herbs and taste them.

Start: Salonetto, bus stop, 10 am
Expert: Maria Teresa Bortoluzzi
Price: 12 €
Sunrise excursion
The sunrise excursion will take you from the alpine hut 'Möltner Kaser' to the Stoanerne Mandlen. After the descent, there will be a reward for the morning's stress with a healthy breakfast at the 'Möltner Kaser' with local products. The trail leads from the Möltner Kaser up to the Stoanerne Mandlen. In this legendary place more than a hundred enigmatic stone figures have been lined up. If you are hiking here, you could think that the time stis Standing still - so untouched is the nature on this striking alpine pasture at 2,000 meters above sea level. In this magical place you will experience the mighty nature of sunrise, the mountain panorama and the peace of the early morning in the middle of nature. After the descent you will be strengthened at the Möltner Kaser with a healthy balance breakfast with local products, such as herbs, apples and honey.
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